What do we do?

Arcadium is a small business that works for small businesses. Our team provides targeted marketing and business solutions for small businesses and companies looking to overcome obstacles in the COVID-19 era and our evolving economy. Backed by a community of college students and comprehensive knowledge of the college market, Arcadium will revamp your business and allow you to achieve your short-term goals and objectives sooner. 

Whether you are looking to recruit, hire, attract, or market a product/service, we have your back. We'll give you a cohesive and thorough strategy to become a trusted brand.

What is the fee?

Arcadium is dedicated to working with our clients to find a fee that works for both parties. First, we diagnose your specific corporate challenges, followed by extensive market and economic research resulting in a detailed recommendation to combat challenges and grow your business. If you like the solutions Arcadium provides we will negotiate an initial fee. If you wish to continue working with us  a monthly retainer fee can be arranged. No surprises and no upfront fees. 

How do I start?

Contact us to schedule a consultation today! We're excited to meet you and get started.